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6' heavy duty drag Harrow Maximize

6' heavy duty drag Harrow

11mm tines | 8' deep | 6' wide | Trailed fixed

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£432.00 vat incl.

6' Heavy Duty Sectional ATV/UTV Drag Harrow
Dimensions (Ft) 6’W × 8' L (Max)
N.W.(KG): 112.5

Pro-Harrow range offers the user flexibility that other harrows do not offer. Sectional harrows mean that the user can select the aggression of the harrow depending on the type of application it’s being used for. For example, if the harrow was to be used to level a horse ménage then the user would select 1 section of the harrow (6” x 3”) this then enables the user to drag the harrow tighter into corners. Also by turning the Harrow upside down a smooth finished surface can be achieved. The selection of 2 sections makes the harrow ideal for preparing seed beds prior to grass re-seeding or harrowing in organic matter prior to tilling, this option is also ideal for lighter harrowing of recreational grass areas. The selection of all 3 harrows is prefect for general grassland applications, typical uses here would be de-thatching unkempt grassland, as this will help encourage new grass growth and a more productive pasture for future grazing or mowing. For users that keep livestock the age old problem of piles of manure left in the fields after livestock grazing becomes a thing of the past. By harrowing in the manure the user is returning valuable nutrients back to the soil and stimulating new grass growth as well as improving the look of the field. The 3 harrow option is also ideal for restoring gate ways and around feed troughs after winter feeding.In all 3 applications the aggression of the harrow can be adjusted according the direction of towing. It is possible to rotate the harrows so the tines are at a more aggressive angle for heavy duty use.

Please Note: Price Includes Mat, Drawbar & Chain

  • Chain & Spike No
  • Width 6 ft
  • Tine thickness 11 mm (medium duty)
  • Hydraulic No
  • 3 way No
  • Depth Double (7'6")